Below is a list of published, peer-reviewed journal articles related to study data, coauthored by our team members.


PREVENT Study / Pain Management
Using Nanotechnology to Improve Pain and Function with a Novel, Drug- Free, Topical Pain-Relief Patch: An Interim Analysis
Anesthesia and Pain Research
December 2020
Pain management
Improvement of Pain and Function After Use of a Topical Pain Relieving Patch: Results of the RELIEF Study
Journal of Pain Research
June 2020
Opioid Reduction and Predictive Analytics
Reducing Opioid Prescriptions by Identifying Responders on Topical Analgesic Treatment Using an Individualized Medicine and Predictive Analytics Approach
Journal of Pain Research
May 2020
Allergy Immunotherapy
Symptom relief and improved quality of life in allergic rhinitis patients after transdermal allergy immunotherapy
Annals of allergy, asthma & immunology American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
November 2019
Opioid Reduction
A precision medicine approach for non-opioid pain therapy using a combination of multi-objective optimization and support vector regression
IISA International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications
July 2019
Allergy Immunotherapy
Anti-ovalbumin Antibody Production in Mice Following Transdermal Treatment
Journal of Allergy & Therapy
February 2019
Scar/Wound Healing
Physician- and Patient-reported Outcomes Following Use of a Compounded Scar/Burn Gel: Results from a Prospective Observational Survey Study
Journal of burn care & research: official publication of the American Burn Association
April 2018
Allergy Immunotherapy
Effects of topical in vivo treatment on ovalbumin antibody production in mice
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
February 2018
Opioid Reduction
Reduction of opioid use and improvement in chronic pain in opioid-experienced patients after topical analgesic treatment: an exploratory analysis
Postgraduate Medicine
Special Issue
December 2017
Pain Management
Final Results from the OPERA Study Released: Topical Analgesics Reduce Opioid Usage over 3 and 6-months
Journal of Pain Research
Special Issue
October 2017

Conference Data Presentations

Below is a list of conferences where we have recently presented.


RELIEF Study / Pain
PAINWeek National Conference
September 8-12, 2020
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
RELIEF Study / Pain
IASP International Association for the Study of Pain
August 4-8, 2020
Amsterdam, Netherlands
WIP World Institute of Pain
May 20-23, 2020
Rome, Italy
RELIEF Study / Pain
IISA-2019 International Indian Statistical Association
Dec 26-Dec 30, 2019
Mumbai, India