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Disrupting the Racial and Ethnic Disparity in Diabetes: New Treatments and Solutions

Journal of Diabetes and Treatment
February 2024

Reducing Sleep Disorder and Insomnia Related Symptoms with Haptic Technology

International Journal of Family Medicine & Healthcare
February 2024

Changes in Electroencephalogram (EEG) After Foot Stimulation with Embedded Haptic Vibrotactile
Trigger Technology: Neuromatrix and Pain Modulation Considerations

Anesthesia & Pain Research
December 2022
“Traditional Allergy Immunotherapy consists of multiple years of Injections (sub-cutaneous immunotherapy- (SCIT)). We now have preliminary evidence that supplying allergens through topical administration shows a decrease in IgE levels and may prove to be a viable alternative to allergy shots and the millions of people who are allergy sufferers. We are conducting more clinical trials and excited to expand on these initial results.”

Peter Hurwitz
President, Clarity Science LLC

“The data from our recent studies showed that there are alternative pain management treatment options available for healthcare professionals to help address a patient’s pain. These options may lead to a reduced focus on Opioid prescribing and other oral analgesics and their side effects and have a significant and positive impact on patient care and outcomes.”

Peter Hurwitz
President, Clarity Science LLC

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