Pain Management


(Pain Relief: Experience and Validity: Evaluating NanoTechnology)
PREVENT: “Pain Relief: Experience and Validity: Evaluating NanoTechonology” is an IRB-approved Observational Study aimed at evaluating patients’ experiences and/or perceptions and patient response for those who have received a topical Pain Patch by their clinician and those who have not. Pain management and symptoms will be evaluated by patient answers to validated pain measurement and symptom scales (e.g.; Brief Pain Inventory (BPI)and a Premenstrual Symptom Screening Scale, pending study participant group designation) as well as additional survey questions regarding patient satisfaction, patient quality of life, and resumption of their normal activities.

Study Objective

The purpose of this minimal risk, observational study is to evaluate patients with mild to moderate, acute or chronic pain, and pain associated with menstruation and associated symptoms with the use of a Topical Pain Patch using validated scales ((e.g., BPI-short Form (Brief Pain Inventory) and Premenstrual Symptom Screening Scale).

Assessment Tools

BPI Short Form and Premenstrual Symptom Screening Scale

Become a Study Investigator

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